IDF uncovers Gaza terror tunnel

IDF announces discovery of attack tunnel leading from southern Gaza Strip into Israel

Gary Willig ,

IDF searches for terror tunnels in south
IDF searches for terror tunnels in south
IDF Spokesperson

The IDF has identified a terrorist attack tunnel which infiltrated into Israeli territory from the southern Gaza Strip, the military announced Tuesday evening.

An IDF spokesperson said that the tunnel was located and exposed in the Khan Yunis area.
The route was located as part of the ongoing effort to locate and neutralize terrorist tunnels. It was found thanks to the technological and collection capabilities of the barrier on the Gaza Strip border. The tunnel did not cross the underground barrier and did not pose a threat to localities in the area yet.

Gaza terror tunnel
IDF Spokesperson

The IDF had been searching the area following indications that an underground tunnel was being constructed there and today the tunnel was located,

The IDF stated that "the terrorist organization Hamas bears responsibility for what is happening in and out of the Gaza Strip and will bear the consequences of terrorist acts against Israeli citizens."

IDF spokesman Hidai Zilberman says that in five months the underground Gaza barrier will be completely ready and the uncovering of this tunnel is further proof of the importance of the fence and the barrier.

About twenty terror tunnels have been discovered along the Gaza border since the end of Operation Protective Edge in 2014, all of which have been destroyed.