Netanyahu: It is more difficult for the haredim

Prime minister notes greater population density among haredi sector, calls for cooperation in bringing coronavirus numbers down.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened the weekly Likud faction meeting Monday with a reference to the fight against the coronavirus.

"How do we know that Israel is in a better position vis-à-vis European countries? They stopped comparing us on television to European countries. In the steps we have taken, the State of Israel leads the European countries," Netanyahu claimed.

"We will increase enforcement and tighten the closures and take all necessary steps. Hopefully we will do this through dialogue," he stated.

"There has also been a decline [in morbidity] in the haredi sector. There it is more difficult. There is more crowding there and they don't have ZOOM. We ask for their cooperation since they have greater population density.

"We ask for the cooperation of the haredi public and also of their leaders. We must work together to turn red cities to green in order to successfully get out of the lockdown. Put politics aside, there will be enough time for politics. Together we can win," Netanyahu concluded.