Watch: Talmudei Torah open in violation of health instructions

Schools open in haredi communities despite continued ban on opening of grade schools.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Talmud Torah (illustration)
Talmud Torah (illustration)
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A series of violations of the coronavirus guidelines were documented Sunday in various haredi cities where Talmudei Torah (haredi elementary schools) were opened despite the continued legal ban on the opening of grade schools.

The opening of Talmud Torah "Ma'asei Chaya" and "Orchot Chaim" was documented this morning in the city of Beitar Ilit. The opening of Talmud Torah "Netivot HaTorah" was documented in Modiin Ilit, and several violations were documented in Bnei Brak,

Haredi-Lithuanian leader Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky last night ordered Talmud Torah directors in the haredi areas to open classes tomorrow.

The order was issued following the failure to reach an understanding around an agreed outline last week. The rabbi's instruction also includes the yeshivot ketanot without boarding schools for 13-16-year-olds.

Rabbi Gershon Edelstein, also among the senior Lithuanian-stream leaders, stated that for the time being, remote learning should be enough, and instructed not act against the law.

Former Maayanei Hayeshua Hospital Director Prof. Moti Ravid warned on Kan News of a disaster in the haredi sector: "If they open up the education system to the haredi, it'll spell disaster in a short time."

Ravid explained that while kindergarten children are not contagious and the older population is more careful, children and teens aged 7-20 are "super contagious".

"If the overall infection rate is 0.6, for them it is 2-5. Fifteen percent of all patients are responsible for 60% of all infections," Ravid said.