COVID-19 is back: Europe implements another lockdown

In Paris the pubs are closed, Madrid has shut down, Italy has required citizens to wear face masks, and Germany has banned gatherings.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Paris train
Paris train

Many countries in Europe have seen record numbers of virus cases in recent days, leading almost all to declare new emergency measures in an attempt to stem the spread of the epidemic.

In Paris, the city announced the closure of pubs starting last Tuesday, with only ones serving food in addition to drinks allowed to remain open but closing down at 10 P.M. while maintaining hygiene directives and maintaining particularly strict social distance rules.

Lecture halls at universities will only be able to be filled to half the capacity volume, while gatherings will be limited to 10 individuals. Residents will be required to wear face coverings in closed areas.

In Madrid and nine other Spanish cities, nearly five million people are under lockdown, with citizens being able to leave their homes only for work, school, or to receive medical treatment. Gatherings are allowed of up to six individuals at a time. Stores, pubs and restaurants will be required to shut their doors at 10 P.M. at the latest. Spanish residents will be asked to wear face coverings in closed areas only.

In the Netherlands, a record number of infections was recorded in recent weeks, leading authorities to order restaurants and pubs to close at 10 P.M. and encourage residents to wear face masks on every trip outside their homes. The government also encouraged individuals to work from home as much as possible, with home gatherings limited to up to three people outside of nuclear family members.

In Germany, restrictions on mass gatherings has been extended until the end of the year. As of September 30, tourists coming from "red" countries will be required to enter 14-day quarantine upon arrival. Individuals failing to wear face masks indoors will be subject to fines of 50 euros. In "red" cities in the country, gatherings of up to 50 people will be allowed in the public space, and up to 25 in private events.

In Italy, authorities have reinstated the requirement to wear face masks in public spaces, as well as schools. In Belgium, all cafes and bars will be closed at 11 P.M. and eating in public markets will be banned. Only four people will be able to eat around a single table in local restaurants.

In Greece, the government directed citizens to wear face coverings in all closed areas. In Athens, employees will be required to wear face masks at the workplace as well as crowded areas outdoors.