Netanyahu: Decision on lockdown will be made this Thursday

Prime Minister says Coronavirus Cabinet will decide Thursday whether to reduce - or expand - the ongoing lockdown.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Sunday night that a decision on the future of the ongoing nationwide lockdown will be made this Thursday – days before it is currently slated to expire.

As Israel enters its third week of the second lockdown imposed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Netanyahu released a video statement Sunday, calling on Israelis to adhere to government regulations during the holiday season.

“Citizens of Israel happy holidays,” said Netanyahu. “Like you, I celebrated Sukkot a little differently; this is a Sukkot without guests. I know, it is different but I ask from everyone – ultra-orthodox and secular alike – to maintain the directives. The lockdown directives are not against you. They are against the virus and if we all work together, we will defeat this virus."

"Today I held talks on the issue of rapid tests, also on the economy, and on other subjects as well, around the clock. We are working in order to defeat the virus.”

Netanyahu signaled that despite some apparent declines in the spread of the virus, Israel will likely need to extend the nationwide lockdown, which is tentatively scheduled to end after the Sukkot holiday

“Now, there are those who are already saying that they are cautiously optimistic that the lockdown is already beginning to work, to flatten the growth curve. I am more cautious than the cautious. I want to wait until at least ten days have passed."

"This means that the decisions on the continuation of the lockdown, after Simchat Torah, we will only make on Thursday. In the meantime, tomorrow in the Cabinet we will discuss long-term coronavirus exit data, the transition from stage to stage, safeguarding the older population, bigger fines and increased discipline and enforcement, because this is in our soul."

"I ask that you all unite like the four species for the good of our people and for the good of all citizens of the State of Israel in the face of the global coronavirus pandemic – we will win."