Cracks in the Coalition:
MK Miki Haimovich: Some of us are considering dissolving partnership with the Likud

Coalition MK who joined anti-government protests in Tel Aviv says some Blue and White lawmakers are plotting to unseat Netanyahu.

Hezki Baruch ,

Netanyahu and Gantz at coalition meeting
Netanyahu and Gantz at coalition meeting
Tal Shachar/Pool

A group of lawmakers from the Blue and White party are plotting to topple the Netanyahu government and replace Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, a Blue and White MK said Sunday.

Speaking with Reshet Bet, MK Miki Haimovich (Blue and White) claimed that a growing number of lawmakers in her party are growing frustrated with the government and are mulling plans to try and remove Netanyahu from power and form an alternate coalition.

Despite being a member of the coalition, Haimovich took part in an anti-government demonstration in Tel Aviv last Thursday, and has openly defied her party’s leadership, which continues to work with the Likud.

Haimovich claimed that a number of fellow party members are quietly plotting to undermine the government and lay the foundation for an alternative coalition.

“Over the last few days there is a growing number of Blue and White [lawmakers] who are thinking seriously about the option of responsibly dismantling the partnership with the Likud. Not to give up the centers of power, but to work to replace Netanyahu.”

Haimovich slammed the government’s recently-approved limitations on public demonstrations.

“In general there is a problem with putting restrictions on demonstrations in a democracy, and I predict that this will only make them more powerful.”

Regarding her decision to defy her own party’s leadership and vote against the limitations on public demonstrations, Haimovich said it was “not a pleasant feeling not voting with my own party, but I was prepared to pay the price.”