Gantz: We will appoint new State Attorney

Gantz: We will move forward with State Attorney appointment, and will work on appointment of permanent Police Commissioner

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Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz
Shmulik Almani

Blue and White chairman, Defense Minister Benny Gantz, in a statement to the public on his facebook page today:

I have accepted my friend, Minister Asaf Zamir's, resignation notice with understanding and regret.
Over these past weeks we’ve shared long, honest conversations which expressed the sentiments of many people in government, in the Knesset and in many Israeli homes. We wanted unity, and yet this isn't the government we hoped for.

The State of Israel is contending with a deep, difficult crisis, yes, a health crisis, but no less so, a severe crisis of trust between leadership and the people. It’s rooted first and foremost in the absence of leaders setting personal examples and also from a genuine concern that personal political interests are overshadowing concern for the health and livelihoods of millions of households, who rightfully fear for their future.

The lack of stability and sense that we’ve lost control in managing this crisis mean that we must get governance back on track. We cannot allow this chaos to continue, disrupting the daily lives of ordinary citizens. We cannot remain indifferent to the suffering of hundreds of families a week who are losing loved ones nor to the tens of thousands who are being infected monthly.

To restore order and normal governance, I have instructed the justice minister to start an expedited appointment process, but in a manner that is fully in line with the state’s attorney protocol, and I further call for the start of the process to appoint a permanent police commissioner as well. Especially in these moments, the Israeli police force is also in need of organizational stability in order to function. Nothing else can factor in beyond the good of this country, and the safety and health of our citizens.
Both the attempts to harm protesters as well as misconduct against police officers demand that we in government help restore the sense of normalcy and control.

As Defense Minister and chairman of Blue and White I will not allow for chaos to continue on my watch.”

We are in the throes of battle.

As a military man, fighter, and soldier, aborting my mission is not a possibility. So my colleagues and I will continue fighting to restore justice and stability and to protect democracy from those seeking to destroy it.

We joined the government to reign in the coronavirus, not to curb democracy or the rule of law.

If anyone disagrees, they can set a date for elections.