'If Netanyahu doesn't fire Mandelblit, he deserves incapacity'

'Anyone who thus belittles the 1.5 million voters who elected him, allows AG to humiliate, trample him is simply not worthy of their trust.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Flash 90

National Union Chairman MK Betzalel Smotrich this evening referred to the recordings of Attorney General Mandelblit, in which he revealed that the possibility of declaring the Prime Minister's incapacity is still on the agenda.

The term incapacity describes a situation in which a government official cannot fulfill his role for a variety of reasons. The inability to fill the position can be temporary, if the officeholder is scheduled to return to the job; or permanent, if it is clear that the functionary will not return to the position.

"If Netanyahu doesn't fire Mandenblit on this cheeky and unauthorized line of threats that he is deliberately spreading in an unusual media tour - he deserves Mandenblit to declare his incapacity," Smotrich tweeted.

He said, "Whoever thus belittles the one-and-a-half million voters who elected him and allows the Attorney General to humiliate and trample them is simply untrustworthy and cannot be prime minister."

The Attorney General's threats also provoked great anger among MKs from the Likud faction, including MK Ariel Kellner, who defined Mandelblit as "the judge and the executioner."

"The Attorney General's recordings are a disgrace that illustrate how determined and resolute he is in order to eliminate Netanyahu. The one who has to go to incapacity is the Attorney General who is in a sharp conflict of interest. And the sooner, the better," he said.

MK Dr. Shlomo Karai attacked the Attorney General for his remarks, saying: "if a defendant uses governmental power, it is a difficult problem.

"If so, Mandelblit, why do you still enjoy sanctuary? That is exactly what you are doing. Use your power to hide from the law, to cover your friends from it, and all this only to complete the task of overthrowing the Right and its leader. If the people's decision is revoked, it will reveal the power that the people have in a democracy," Karai said.

MK Osnat Mark tweeted on her Twitter account, "1,300,000 Israeli citizens cannot be declared in incapacity. Try the spins and threats on someone else, Mr. Mandelblit."

Transportation and Road Safety Minister Miri Regev tweeted: "The words of Attorney General Mandelblit bring the entire democracy to incapacity. Anyone who imposes incapacity on Netanyahu wants to impose incapacity on millions of Right-leaning voters, who elected Netanyahu three times as prime minister and will continue to elect him as their representative."