Leftist protester disparages IDF soldier: 'I'll embarrass you'

Leftist operative furious that soldier was sent to stand at police checkpoint; 'You with the red beret, aren't you ashamed?' IDF deplores.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Leftist protest adjacent to Knesset
Leftist protest adjacent to Knesset
Black Flags

A Leftist operative traveling in a vehicle today disparaged an IDF soldier standing at a police checkpoint in the area of ​​the government compound in Jerusalem.

In a video distributed on the Internet, the woman is seen saying to the soldier, "Why are you wearing a police vest? You're from the army, aren't you ashamed? With a red beret, yet; aren't you ashamed?

"The army's ours, not the police's. Shame. You should refuse orders. Just be ashamed of yourself, just be ashamed. You won't argue with me, I'll argue with you, I'll embarrass you, you're a soldier in the IDF," she added.

MK Moshe Ya'alon (Yesh AtidTelem) said in response: "Using IDF forces in the Knesset area, with civilians who want to protest democratically and fight against the violation of freedom of expression, is a dangerous eclipse! I demand immediate convening of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee to find out who's responsible for it."

The IDF Spokesman responded: "The IDF strongly condemns the blatant insult and behavior towards its soldiers who assist the Israel Police. We make it clear that the soldiers' actions were carried out in accordance with government decisions and as part of the national effort in which the IDF is participating in the fight against the coronavirus.

"We emphasize that the soldiers do not have enforcement authority of any kind over civilians. The IDF expresses its appreciation for the soldiers' activities and their stately behavior," the response said.

Earlier, a demonstration took place outside the Knesset with the participation of hundreds of Leftists. A suspect was detained for questioning who attacked one of the policewomen with a stick and injured her lower body and hand. Three more protesters were later arrested for attacking city inspectors and police officers who had come to remove signs.

The Black Flags organization responded: "Netanyahu's police continue their uncompromising violence against anyone who doesn't support the Netanyahu regime. Blue and White should look at these pictures and understand the magnitude of the hour. Netanyahu is trying to violently smash democracy, it is time to stop him."