Yitzhar denies non-Jewish medical intern entry: 'Let the Leftists not preach us morality'

Arab medical intern refused entry to Yitzhar; community responds: 'We suggest Leftist elements not preach us morality.'

Mordechai Sones ,

No Jews allowed
No Jews allowed
Mordechai Sones

The community of Yitzhar in Samaria today responded to a report by a medical intern who arrived to perform coronavirus tests in the village, but was not admitted because the locality does not admit non-Jews.

Fadi, who works as a coronavirus tester at Terem Emergency Medicine, arrived to perform coronavirus tests in Yitzhar but was refused entry at the gate as Yitzhar bylaws prohibit non-Jewish admittance to the community.

The incident was published on the N12 website, that called it an "unusual and insulting incident" and described "the difficult feelings caused to him following the incident".

Yitzhar told Arutz Sheva in response: "We suggest the Leftists talk to those elements in the State of Israel who by law exclude the entry of Jews to 20% of Judea and Samaria territory, the only place in the world where the law prohibits entry of Israelis and Jews into a particular territory. Let them not preach to us morality."

Fadi, who was denied entry to Yitzhar, told N12: "At the entrance to the settlement, the security guard stopped me and told me that I couldn't enter because I was an Arab," he said. "I answered him that I'm a doctor, and I came to check patients. We're in 2020 and I'm a citizen of the State of Israel. I, as a doctor, don't differentiate between religion, race, and color in my work - and I came here to check patients."

He said, "He told me that because I was an Arab it was dangerous for him to let me in, that stones would be thrown at me. In the end I didn't go in. The patient called to ask why I didn't come to the settlement and I told him they didn't let me in because I was an Arab."

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