Netanyahu to demonstrators: This farce must end

PM says rules for demonstrations should not be different than for prayers or other gatherings if the rules are to be obeyed.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the issue of the ongoing demonstrations at the meeting of the Coronavirus Cabinet Tuesday evening, and called for the same rules of conduct to be applied to all types of gatherings.

"For a long time I refrained from commenting on the matter, but after hearing the experts claiming that gatherings are a huge danger to public health it is my duty to address it," the prime minister said at the meeting, Channel 12 News reported.

"The entire public is required to comply with restrictions and only a group of protesters is excluded from the rule. You are allowed to go to the Western Wall only if you live within 1,000 meters, but Balfour st/can be reached from all over the country. At the Western Wall only capsules of 20 people are allowed, but at demonstrations anything goes."

"This farce must stop," Netanyahu stated, noting, "Everyone understands this, even on the left. We are in an emergency."

"There must be one law for both prayers and demonstrations and all gatherings wherever they are. Otherwise the public will not listen to the instructions and we will see the morbidity increase to terrible proportions," the prime minister claimed.