Naftali Bennett:
'Viral load affects severity of disease'

MK Bennett explains if one had many viruses, he will experience severe COVID-19 symptoms, but those who had few viruses, effect will be low.

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Naftali Bennett ,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
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"The number of viruses that enter your body at the moment of infection ('viral load') dramatically affects the intensity of the disease you will undergo," warns former Defense Minister Naftali Bennett.

"If you are infected with a lot of viruses at the moment of infection, you are likely to suffer greatly (pain, difficulty breathing, hospitalization, etc.); if you are infected with a few viruses, you will usually not feel it at all. You will be asymptomatic.

"Wearing a mask (in the right way, over the nose) by the infected person removes 90% -95% of the viruses," Bennett claimed.