Attempted ramming? Driver arrested at anti-gov't protest

Police arrest driver of car which approached left-wing protest in Jerusalem at high speed.

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Police arrest driver Sunday night
Police arrest driver Sunday night
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Police in the capital arrested a driver Sunday night, after his vehicle approached an anti-government protest at high speed.

Officers arrested the driver, amid suspicions he was attempting to run through a police checkpoint and ram left-wing protesters in Jerusalem.

Thousands of anti-government protesters gathered outside of the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem and in the coastal city of Caesarea – where Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu maintains a private residence – Sunday night.

Sunday’s protests are the latest weekly anti-government demonstrations which have called for Netanyahu’s resignation.

The protests were held despite the imposition last Friday of a nationwide lockdown.

Roads leading to the location of the protest including: Ben Maimon, Azza, Kikkar Paris, Agron, King George, and Keren Hayesod have been shut down to traffic.

At least one protester has already been arrested for using a megaphone to provide instructions for avoiding health directives.

Yesterday (Saturday), Minister of the Interior Amir Ohana (Likud) strongly condemned the protests, including a meal for activists held across from the Prime Minister's residence on Friday prior to the arrival of the Rosh Hashannah holiday.