IDF drone falls in Lebanese territory

Lebanese army says it shot down Israeli drone 200 meters from the blue line.

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Drone (illustration)
Drone (illustration)
Moshe Shai/Flash 90

The IDF announced on Thursday that, during an IDF operation on the Lebanese border, an IDF drone fell in Lebanese territory.

There is no danger of any information having been leaked, the statement said.

The Lebanese army said the drone "penetrated the area of the village of Ayta ash Shab in the south of the country and was shot down by military personnel 200 meters from the blue line, around 5:10 p.m."

Just over two weeks ago, an IDF drone fell in Lebanese territory. According to Lebanese media, the drone was shot down by the Hezbollah terror group in the same area.

In July, an Israeli drone fell in Lebanese territory, also during an IDF operational activity. The IDF clarified during that incident that there was no concern of a breach of information.