We were on the Temple Mount for almost two hours

Rabbanit Rachel Sela ascends Temple Mount with about ten other women and is surprised when police let them be. 'Take your time leisurely.'

Rabbanit Rachel Sela ,

Women ascend Temple Mount
Women ascend Temple Mount
Temple Mount Organizations HQ

We ascended the Temple Mount yesterday. Ten women, including a bride, a child, and a baby. From the very beginning, the policeman said a surprising sentence: "Take your time in peace."

We walked leisurely, prayed a lot, explained a lot, sat every few minutes in every shady spot for a long explanation; we sang a little. Not once were we rushed.

If I had not gone out - we'd have stayed longer. We were on the Mount for almost two hours and met three more groups that ascended parallel to us.

Really wonder of wonders. It was so amazing and exciting and joyful. What a relief and what a no-pressure visit to the Temple Mount. I've never seen anything like it on the Mount.

Such an innovation that even on a regular weekday several groups ascend one after the other, without waiting for a group to finish to admit the next.

The baby who was with us had already ascended many times as an embryo, and indeed it was evident that he felt at home. A generation of redemption. May we only continue to advance to redemption upwards until the complete building and complete redemption, and may a good and blessed year be renewed upon us.