Shas MK: Why can't 30 people pray outside?

MK Michael Malchieli criticizes the attitude toward the haredi public during the coronavirus crisis.

Hezki Baruch ,

MK Michael Malchieli
MK Michael Malchieli
Hezki Baruch

MK Michael Malchieli (Shas) on Monday criticized the behavior of the health establishment toward the haredi public during the coronavirus crisis.

"Yesterday we sat down with Prof. Gamzu and I disagreed with much of his remarks. Why can't 30 people pray in an open public space and on the other hand it is possible to hold a demonstration in Balfour with 15,000 participants? We said from the beginning that Uman would not be like it is every other year. Why didn’t they speak to the leaders of the Hasidim? Going and sending letters to the President of Ukraine is irresponsible. There was a series of failures in the outline that was rejected. I hope they will bring a better outline," said Malchieli.

The numbers presented by the heads of the health establishment are also problematic, he argued. "The numbers are incorrect. In my neighborhood, 25 verified cases have been discovered, and 21 of them haven’t been there for a month. They are either in yeshivas or hotels. So why leave the city as red? What is the incentive for the mayor to take people out of the city if it does not lower the numbers?"

"They are always quick to act against the haredi public. We saw it from the beginning and it is unbearable. They turned us into disease spreaders. I was in Tel Aviv recently and they can certainly learn from Elad and other cities. Go and see what happens in bars in Machane Yehuda and in Tel Aviv."

On the crisis with the Prime Minister, Malchieli said, "We are in the same government and want to bring the best to the citizens of the State of Israel. We work overtime and sometimes there are disagreements and that is fine and we hope to make the best and most sensible decisions."