Greece opens gates to Israel without restriction

FM: Decision by Greek government to allow Israeli tourism, businessmen without restriction proves strong connection between countries.

Nitzan Kedar ,


Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias spoke with Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi and updated him on the Greek government's decision to allow the entry of tourists and businessmen from Israel without limiting the number of tourists or the destinations they can visit.

Entry will be allowed subject to a coronavirus inspection within 72 hours. The decision of the Greek government will take effect beginning September 15.

Foreign Minister Ashkenazi thanked his colleague and said: "There is an important strategic partnership between Israel and Greece and the fact that Greece is the first country to open its gates in the Corona era is proof of the strong alliance between the two countries."

"The relationship between Greece and Israel is an example of how cooperation and direct dialogue between countries is the surest way to economic prosperity."

Transport Minister Miri Regev also praised the Greek government’s decision. "The continued opening of Greece to Israeli tourism without restriction is an important message to the Israeli residents who asked us to expand their travel destinations and proves that the measured and responsible policy we took to open the skies was correct.

“I thank Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi and the Foreign Ministry staff who are already working to open additional destinations."

Earlier, the Foreign Minister held a situation assessment regarding the issue of opening of the skies to tourists, businessmen and Israeli students going abroad.

At the beginning of the discussion, Minister Ashkenazi thanked the Israeli Ambassador to Greece for his efforts with the Greek Foreign Ministry to open the skies and said: "We are committed to trying to find the right outline to maintain a routine in the shadow of the coronavirus, including incoming and outbound tourism. Together with the Transportation, Tourism, and Health Ministries we must find a way to continue to open more destinations. I expect all the ambassadors to put this task at the top of your priorities.”