IDF commander: The ceasefire will last two months, more or less

Commander of the Gaza Division speaks to residents of Kibbutz Be'eri on the Gaza border, comments on ceasefire agreement with Hamas.

Elad Benari ,

Nimrod Aloni
Nimrod Aloni
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The commander of the Gaza Division, Brigadier General Nimrod Aloni, spoke on Wednesday evening with residents of Kibbutz Be'eri, which is located in the north-western Negev desert near the border with Gaza.

Commenting on the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas that was reached only two days ago, Aloni claimed that "the ceasefire will last two months, more or less."

According to a report on Channel 13 News, Aloni said that “this agreement, in my understanding, has an expiration date. These are rumblings I hear - but I do not know what will happen in the end."

Hamas expected Israel not to retaliate for the firing of incendiary balloons towards its territory and was even surprised at the strength of the Israeli response, he continued.

"The main reason for the escalation is the economic situation in the Gaza Strip," Aloni explained. Economic cooperation and the Qatari money, he added, could postpone the next round of fighting, he added.

The commander of the division pointed out the actions by the various forces, as well as the cooperation by which the damage from the fires caused by the incendiary balloons was reduced. In the conversation, which was also attended by the head of the Eshkol Regional Council Gadi Yarkoni, Aloni informed the residents that the construction of the barrier along the border, which includes an underground wall to prevent the excavation of tunnels, will be completed by March of 2021.

Meanwhile on Wednesday evening, IDF soldiers arrested a suspect who had crossed from the southern Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, near the border fence.

The Eshkol Regional Council said that “IDF forces deployed along the border fence this evening arrested a suspect who crossed the fence, in the area of ​​the central border of the Strip. Upon his capture, a suspicious object was found on him. The incident was quickly dealt with by the forces on the fence and there is no threat to our communities."