Explosions near UAE airport ahead of US-Israeli delegations' visit

1 dead, several injured after multiple explosions reported outside of UAE airport where US, Israeli officials are set to land.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

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Archive image

At least one person is dead and several more injured following a pair of explosions in the United Arab Emirates ahead of the arrival of delegations from Israel and the US.

One explosion was reported near the Abu Dhabi International Airport, where the flight carrying the US and Israeli delegations is set to touch down Monday afternoon.

A second explosion was reported in Dubai, when a gas cylinder exploded.

The Dubai explosion destroyed a restaurant and killed one person.

The Abu Dhabi explosion destroyed two restaurants, identified as a Hardees and a KFC, both of which are located on Rashid bin Saeed Street, known as “airport road” near Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Several other businesses were damaged in the explosion.

Authorities say the Abu Dhabi explosion injured several people, who are in moderate and light condition.

Residents of nearby buildings have been evacuated.