Israeli cabinet votes to extend state of emergency to November

Israel's state of emergency extended by two months, one week before state of emergency was set to terminate.

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Government meeting
Government meeting
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The Israeli Cabinet voted Sunday via a conference call to extend the declaration of a state of emergency due to the coronavirus.

In light of the upcoming expiry on 6 September of the current of a state of emergency, declared earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Prime Minister's Office said, "and given the fact that there is still a tangible risk that the virus could spread extensively and harm public health, which require continued actions pursuant to the authority set forth in law, it was decided to ask the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee to approve extending the validity of the declaration of a state of emergency due to the coronavirus by 60 days, from 7 September to 6 November 2020," the PMO statement read in part.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Knesset passed a series of laws empowering the government to impose temporary regulations during the state of emergency, without prior Knesset approval.

The Knesset still has the power to review the emergency regulations and either approve or nullify them.