Likud: 'Gabi Ashkenazi knew nothing about Abraham Accords'

Likud slams Blue and White statements: 'Laughable' for Blue and White to present change in policy as their own doing.

Hezki Baruch ,

Gabi Ashkenazi
Gabi Ashkenazi
Photo by Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Sources in the Likud party fumed at Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi's (Blue and White) statement that Israel has moved "from annexation to normalization" with the Arab countries.

"Gabi Ashkenazi knew nothing about the historic agreement with the United Arab Emirates that Prime Minister Netanyahu brought us, so his words are not relevant," the sources said.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu has worked for many long years to bring about this historic peace agreement, and there are other peace agreements in progress, on the basis of 'peace for peace' and not 'land for peace,' unlike the leftist stance.

"The attempt by Ashkenazi and his friends to present it as if Blue and White brought about the historic agreement with the Emirates and the unprecedented change in Israel's policy and its standing in the region, is laughable."

Blue and White responded: "We hope our friends in the Likud stop being sour and we congratulate them on the advancement of normalization,, peace, and security, instead of unilateral and irresponsible processes."