Sudan: Interim govt. has 'no mandate' to normalize Israel ties

Sudan's premier Abdalla Hamdok tells US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says country has no authority to normalize ties with Israel.


Flag of Sudan
Flag of Sudan

Sudan's premier Abdalla Hamdok told Washington's top diplomat Tuesday that his government had no mandate to normalize ties with Israel and that any such move would come after the
transitional period, a spokesman said.

"The Prime Minister clarified" to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo "that the transitional period in Sudan is being led by a wide alliance with a specific agenda -- to complete the transition, achieve peace and stability in the country and hold free elections," Sudan's government spokesman Faisal Saleh said.

The post-Omar al-Bashir transitional government, whose term ends with elections in 2022, "does not have a mandate beyond these tasks or to decide on normalization with Israel", Hamdok was quoted as telling Pompeo.