New LifePoints App Lets Users Make Money Online, Cash For Your Free Time

There are millions of users already making the most of the money-making opportunity on offer from this app.

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Finding free money opportunities isn’t easy - there seems to be scams and frauds everywhere. Fortunately, legitimate options are available. One prime example is LifePoints, the leader of today’s survey sites.

For many, it the opportunity to make money online sounds too good to be true, but this app is proving that it’s possible to earn money completing surveys and reviews.

Although there is no promise of millions earned overnight, getting paid to do surveys and write reviews is a convenient way to make extra money.

What Is LIfePoints?

The app is owned by Lightspeed Research, a well-known and respected company that has been doing surveys since 1946.

Lightspeed is a market research firm and works with clients all over the world. The company has a good reputation and is trusted for its analytics and research in over 70 countries.

The app already has more than five million members all over the world.

Who Can Join?

This survey service makes it easy for almost anyone who is able to complete surveys to join.

People living in Asia, Europe and the Americas can get access to earn money completing surveys and reviews.

The app also allows anyone from the age of 14 to join and start making money. Either a smartphone or computer with a reliable internet connection is required to do the surveys and reviews.

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How Does It Work?

Getting started is similar to the processes on similar survey sites. People can create a profile to which their points will be awarded.

When not doing surveys, users simply log out. When they’re ready to do a survey again, it’s easy to log back in.

Once logged in, review your LifePoints Panel. Here, the points that have been earned so far can be viewed.

It is possible to complete more than one survey a day, increasing the number of points that can be earned.

Points can be redeemed in cash through PayPal or gift cards that can be used on Amazon or at Starbucks.

The app also gives users the choice of donating earnings to charities of their choice.

That shows that Lightspeed is about more than giving people a chance to make money online.

Signup Bonus

When someone signs up for the app, they are rewarded with 10 bonus points. Once basic details such as name, age and email address are given, more questions can be answered.

For this, users are given 10 more points.

Point Accumulation

Once a user has created a profile, they can start doing surveys. In general, surveys can take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete.

However, there are exceptions that can take up to an hour. Of course, the longer surveys will result in more points earned. In general, it is possible to earn between $0.6 to $1 worth of points per survey.

The more surveys are finished, the more points are gained. The way these are allocated may vary from one survey to the next.

The app will show earning potential once the new sign-up is an active user. This will be based on how good their profile is, how prompt they are with doing surveys and how many tasks they complete.

That way, users can keep track of how much they should be earning for the time they put in.


Companies compile surveys so they can learn about their target audience and the needs of that audience. They will answer questions related to the product or service.

Some surveys are based on location and only available to people who live there. It is possible to earn extra points by completing these surveys.

Note that users will have to allow the app to access their location for this.

50 points are given as a reward for turning on Geo-Location services and for every month that it stays on, the user will get 20 points.

If a user completes one of the challenges offered every single day of the month, they’ll be given bonus points.

The app allows users to take several surveys a day. That makes this survey service a favourite with people who don’t feel restricted.

Many other survey sites only allow for completion of surveys ever few days or limit users to one a day.


The app has made sure that getting access to gift cards or cash is as painless as possible.

Since PayPal is used as the paying method, users can feel more assured that they will receive their money.

It is possible to ‘cash out’ as soon as $20 or more has been earned. It may be tempting to save points until there’s a nice sum accumulated, but that is not recommended.

Points do disappear after a certain amount of time.

The gift card option is also considered good when compared to other similar apps. For about every 1 000 points, users can get services or merchandise of between $10 and $15.

This could vary depending on what they are going for. It is possible to get free stuff at Google Play and Starbucks, for example.

Charity payments can be made by choosing to donate earnings rather than getting paid or receiving a gift card.


While nothing is perfect, LifePoint review show the survey business is one of the more reliable choices when trying to make money online.

It is possible to take multiple surveys daily, and rewards can be redeemed once $20 has been accumulated.

There are millions of users already making the most of the money-making opportunity on offer from this app.

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