Miracle on 5th floor

Baby rescued after getting his head stuck between balcony bars with his body hanging five floors above the ground.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

rescuing the baby
rescuing the baby
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Firefighters were summoned to an apartment in Jerusalem Wednesday morning after a one-year-old baby became stuck between the bars of his family's fifth-floor balcony. The child's head was stuck between the bars while his body hung in midair.

The fire and rescue crews who arrived at the scene quickly identified the little boy on the balcony and realize that he could have fallen at any moment.

The child had squeezed his entire body through the bars, and it was only because his head became stuck that he did not fall to the street below.

The firefighters quickly freed the baby using tool to pry open the bars and then picked him up before he could fall. Magen David Adom paramedics examined the child after he was brought indoors.

Sergeant Major Assaf Tzur, the commander of the team that rescued the baby, said, "We were told about a small child trapped in metal bars with his body hanging out and in danger of falling off the balcony. We arrived at the scene within 2 minutes, and we saw the boy hanging between heaven and earth, and fortunately only the fact that his head was trapped between the bars prevented him from falling from the fifth floor."

"We immediately performed a careful and secure rescue of the little baby from the bars using a dedicated tool, and after removing him, we carefully transferred the child to the medical personnel on the spot," Tzur explained.