Equal restrictions for synagogues and restaurants

Number of attendees at restaurants, public places, businesses and houses of worship will be limited to 20 in a closed space.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Open restaurant
Open restaurant

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein decided, after a consultation with professionals, including Health Ministry Director General Prof. Hezi Levy and coronavirus project manager Prof. Ronni Gamzu, to equalize the conditions of restaurants and houses of prayer, without harming business owners.

On Sunday, a draft resolution will be presented stating that in restaurants, public places, businesses and houses of worship, the number of people will be limited to 20 people in a closed space and to 30 in an open space, provided that it is possible to maintain a distance of 2 square meters between tables.

The restaurant association said in response, "We are pleased with the decision of the Minister of Health and thank Professor Gamzu and the ministers in the Coronavirus Cabinet, who worked over the weekend to cancel the restrictions approved on Friday.”