Balloon terror continues:
Arson balloons ignite 12 fires in Gaza envelope

Hamas continues attacks on southern Israel as attempt to smuggle thousands of balloons into Gaza is thwarted.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Fire in Gaza periphery
Fire in Gaza periphery
צילום: דוברות שער הנגב

Arson balloons launched from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip have caused 12 fires in southern Israel so far Wednesday.

Firefighters are battling blazes in the Ashkelon Coast, Eshkol and Sdot Negev regional councils.

One of the balloons landed in the yard of a house in the Sha'ar Hanegev council and did not cause any injuries or damage.

Earlier, the tax authority revealed that last week it thwarted an attempt to smuggle tens of thousands of helium balloons into Gaza. The balloons were discovered during an inspection by customs officials in Ashdod in order to thwart the smuggling of weapons.

The balloons were being moved in two containers of old clothing items imported by Gazan importers. The containers were seized and the matter was transferred to the security forces for further investigation.

Ashkelon Coast Regional Council chairman Itamar Revivo criticized the defense establishment's response to the arson attacks which have been launched from Gaza this week.

"The Gaza envelope is under attack. In recent days, tens of thousands of residents of the envelope have faced an unprecedented attack by explosive and incendiary balloons. The Gaza terror virus is still here. This is not a first wave or a second wave, but years upon years of continuous terrorism. The Israeli government knows how to mobilize the best minds in the fight against a mysterious virus, and it is time to mobilize the best minds to find an effective solution for terrorism in general and balloon terrorism in particular," Revivo said.