Netanyahu to Lapid: 1,000 masks won't hide your dictatorship

Knesset rejects Yesh Atid bill which would ban Binyamin Netanyahu from forming a government.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Netanyahu and Lapid
Netanyahu and Lapid
Knesset Channel

The Knesset voted against a Yesh Atid bill which would bar Prime Minister Netanyahu from seeking reelection Wednesday.

The bill to ban anyone under indictment for serious crimes from forming a government was defeated by a vote of 53-37.

Opposition leader MK Yair Lapid said that "the bill, which was originally written together with Benny Gantz and Gabi Ashkenazi, was not intended to harass or to troll. It is intended to ensure that the Prime Minister of Israel is focused on the administration of the State of Israel."

"Netanyahu has gone totally bananas. He is managing the crisis horribly. He has failed. The 40-year-old prime minister of New Zealand who has a baby at home did a better job than Netanyahu," Lapid declared.

''We are in the midst of the biggest health and economic crisis in the country's history, and the prime minister's head is elsewhere. He's not with us. That is the reason for these results. It is impossible to manage this crisis worse than he managed it," added MK Lapid.

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke at the Knesset plenum in response to the bill.

"Yair Lapid, a thousand masks will not succeed in covering your dictatorship. You and Ayman Odeh cannot beat us at the ballot box. So with one hand you encourage leftist demonstrations and on the other hand you promote this Iranian law with the aim of disqualifying me from being elected prime minister," Netanyahu accused.

"We are working to preserve the security, life, health and livelihoods of the citizens of Israel. Precisely here in the Knesset, in the Hall of Israeli Democracy, we are witnessing another vile chapter in the unending story of those who talk about democracy while trying to destroy it. I am here because I was elected. A huge amount of people put their trust in me in the last election," Netanyahu said. "Such bills which prevent the candidacy of one person belong in the darkest regimes, like Iran."

"You cannot stop the truth, more than a million citizens voted for the Likud under my leadership. Yair Lapid and Ayman Odeh want to harm the will of the people, as is done in dictatorial regimes. This bill is a complete distortion - where do such laws pass? The only places in the world where passes laws to thwart candidates are passed is in Iran and North Korea.

''Lapid, your disregard of right-wing and Likud voters is unforgivable. Everything you have is fake. You know little about almost anything. You're constantly pretending. Without a matriculation certificate and without a bachelor’s degree you tried to get a fake PhD. Dr. Lapid.

''You're impersonating a "democtator" but you're a dictator with a constitution you wrote for yourself and appointing your people to the list. You're Dr. Lapid and Mr. Dictatorship. The last person who dared to tell you the truth in your party, Adi Koll, was expelled from the party. A great democtator," Netanyahu said.