IDF locates explosive devices on northern border

Troops patrolling area where attack was thwarted last night locate bag containing explosives ready to be used against soldiers.

Mordechai Sones ,

Bag containing explosive devices
Bag containing explosive devices
IDF Spokesman

IDF forces today conducted a tour of the area where the bomb attack in the southern Golan Heights was thwarted last night.

During the tour, weapons and a bag were found, containing a number of explosive devices that were ready to be used against an IDF force, 25 meters from the perimeter fence, inside Israeli territory.

The IDF said that the army forces carrying out operational employment in the Golan Heights sector continue to be vigilant and ready for possible developments.

In the afternoon, Bashan Formation Commander Brigadier General Roman Goffman, and Foreign Relations Division head Brigadier General Efi Dafrin met with UNDOF Commander Major General Ishwar Hamal of Nepal at the scene where the explosives were found.

At the meeting, the division commander emphasized the IDF would not allow the security of residents of the State of Israel and its sovereignty to be harmed, and that the IDF considers the Syrian state responsible for everything that happens on its territory.

As the hours passed, more details became clear about the security incident last night on the Syrian border in which four Islamic operatives planted explosive devices near the perimeter fence in the Golan Heights were eliminated.

The four are members of one of the organizations controlled by Iran, which operates in southern Syria on the border with the Golan Heights.

For the past ten days, the IDF has been operating in this sector. During the operation, IDF soldiers in the area identified shepherds approaching the border fence in a suspicious manner. The IDF estimated at this stage they were reconnoitering the area.

During the night, the four attackers tried to approach an abandoned IDF base in Tel Fares in Israeli territory. Following the development, an unmanned aircraft was launched, and the Maglan force was deployed in the area in ambush.

As soon as the IDF realized that the Islamic operatives were working to carry out an attack, a Maglan force was activated on the ground in coordination with the UAV in the air leading to the termination of the cell.

The IDF does not link the current incident to tensions with Hezbollah and the expectation of action on their part following the death of an organization operative in the bombing attributed to Israel last week in Syria.