Yair Netanyahu:
'I show Father freaks at demonstrations and it makes him laugh'

Prime Minister's son Yair Netanyahu says he showed his father filmed footage of protests" 'It entertains him. Even gives him a boost.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Yair Netanyahu
Yair Netanyahu
Flash 90

Yair Netanyahu, son of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today referred in a Galei Yisrael interview to demonstrations at the Prime Minister's house and said that he occasionally shows his father filmed footage of the protests.

"It makes him laugh. He sees the same sights we all see from these freaks at the demonstrations," Netanyahu Jr. said. "He finds it funny. It's like a form of entertainment.

"I sometimes show him a few select scenes. Nothing too rude because it's unpleasant anyway. But it entertains him. It gives him a boost even."

At the beginning of yesterday's cabinet meeting, Netanyahu sharply attacked the demonstrators congregated in front of his house, "I see an attempt to trample democracy in these demonstrations. There's a distortion of all the rules. No one's restricting the demonstrations, we're being flexible with them. It's a coronavirus incubator, no one's restricting it, no one's even tried to restrict them. Someone's pouring fuel on these demonstrations."

He added: "The writing's on the wall on Facebook, the writing's on the wall in the demonstrations; no one will be able to say 'I didn't know'."