Three patients die of coronavirus Monday morning, pushing death toll to 541

Weekly death rate surpasses previous high, setting new record for Israel with 66 deaths over a seven-day period.

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Doctors treat coronvirus patients
Doctors treat coronvirus patients

Three more coronavirus-related fatalities were reported Monday morning, Israel’s Health Ministry said, pushing the total number of deaths since the pandemic started to 541.

The fatality rate, which has been climbing steadily since mid-June, has now surpassed the previous peak, recorded in the middle of April.

Over the seven-day period which ended August 2nd, a total of 68 coronavirus-related fatalities have been reported in Israel, for an average of 9.71 deaths per day.

That’s more than the previous record of 62 deaths in one week, set during the third week of April, when 62 coronavirus-related fatalities were reported, for an average of 8.86 deaths per day.

Last week, there were 61 coronavirus-related deaths, or an average of 8.71 per day.

That still remains below the fatality rate for the seasonal flu in Israel, which during the 14-week flu season kills on average between 10 to 13 people per day.

There are currently 334 coronavirus patients in serious condition, along with 149 patients in moderate condition. One-hundred patients are currently on assisted breathing.

A total of 783 coronavirus patients are hospitalized, while another 24,384 people who have been diagnosed and have active cases are being treated either at home or in coronavirus hotels.

Thus far, 47,523 patients have recovered from the virus.

The percentage of tests returning positive declined Sunday, falling from 8.4% on Saturday to 7.4%. Of the 5,815 tests taken thus far Monday, 4.4% have come back positive.