Four arrested during leftist protest in Tel Aviv

Hundreds of leftist demonstrators block roads in Tel Aviv during anti-Netanyahu protest. Four arrested, including one for throwing a rock.

Ben Ariel ,

Leftist demonstration in Tel Aviv
Leftist demonstration in Tel Aviv
Black Flag movement

Hundreds of leftist demonstrators, affiliated with the "Black Flags" movement, marched on Tuesday night on Yigal Alon Street in Tel Aviv and from there continued to the Ayalon Highway and marched on the highway.

Police evacuated the protesters from the road, and all the lanes were opened to traffic. Later, the road was blocked once more and reopened to traffic.

The demonstrators came to Tel Aviv to hold a protest outside the home of Internal Security Minister Amir Ohana, who they claim functions as "a Minister of Defense for Netanyahu."

The "Black Flags" movement which organized the protest claims that a number of protesters who took part in the protest were violently attacked by activists of the "La Familia" organization.

"La Familia's criminal attack is a direct continuation of Netanyahu's incitement. The State of Israel is led by a criminal defendant who will not hesitate to incite to the murder of those who demand clean-handed leadership that connects parts of the people. We will not stop demonstrating until the defendant resigns,” said the movement.

The police for their part said that "during the disturbances that are currently taking place in Tel Aviv, a fight broke out between a number of people involved on Leonardo da Vinci Street. Police forces who were at the scene arrested a suspect on suspicion of throwing a rock."

The police further said that a total of four suspects were arrested for disturbing public order and assault. They will be taken for questioning at the police station.

The "Black Flags" movement said that five of the participants in the demonstration in Tel Aviv had to receive medical treatment at the Ichilov Hospital in the city, after being beaten by Netanyahu's supporters. It also said that two of the demonstrators were stabbed in the back of their neck.