Thousands protest against Netanyahu

Leftist activists protest outside PM's Residence in Jerusalem. 12 protesters arrested.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Protest at Paris Square in Jerusalem
Protest at Paris Square in Jerusalem
Margaliot Lazar/TPS

Thousands of people demonstrated on Saturday night against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu outside his residence in Jerusalem, near his private home in Caesarea and at various intersections around the country.

Shortly after midnight, police began dispersing the protesters in Jerusalem and clashes broke out at the scene. During the clashes, 12 people were arrested on charges of violating order or attacking other protesters.

At the same time, a demonstration was held at the Charles Clore Garden in Tel Aviv.

As part of the demonstration outside Netanyahu's private home in Caesarea, which was held under the title "The siege of the palace in Caesarea begins," several demonstrators began to gather in the early hours, and one of them was detained for questioning.