Thousands protest against PM Netanyahu in Jerusalem and Caesarea

Leftist hold protests against PM Netanyahu in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Caesarea, as police warn against use of violence.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Protest at Paris Square in Tel Aviv
Protest at Paris Square in Tel Aviv
Margaliot Lazar/TPS

Thousands of people on Saturday evening protested in front of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's residence in Jerusalem, his private home in Caesarea, and various junctions across Israel.

At the same time, a protest is planned for the Charles Clore park in Tel Aviv.

As part of the Caesarea protest, which has been titleprod, "The siege on the Caesarea Palace has begun," several protesters began to gather around the site in the early hours, and one of them was detained for interrogation.

Israel Police have clarified that every citizen will be allowed to utilize his freedom of expression and protest in accordance with the law, but that police are determined to keep public order and protect the public's safety. Police called on the protesters to follow officers' directions and refrain from violence, disruption of public order, and destruction of property.

During a Jerusalem protest on Thursday night, 55 demonstrators were arrested. Seventeen of those arrested were brought on Friday to the city's Magistrates Court for a hearing.

One of them, a suspect who bit a policeman during his arrest, was released to house arrest, and another was released without restricting conditions. The others were released under limiting conditions, including an order to keep away from the area of the Prime Minister's residence for a period of ten days.