Meet the new 'Ghost' multidimensional IDF unit

The elite unit participated in maneuvering exercises to improve army preparedness.

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'Ghosts' army excercise
'Ghosts' army excercise
IDF spokesperson

A multi-week training session of the "Ghost" IDF multi-dimensional unit, established about a year ago as part of the multi-year program "Tnufa," came to an end today.

Training was carried out under the command of unit leader, Lieutenant Colonel E., led by the "Fire Formation" under the command of Brigadier General Yaron Finkelman and IDF land forces under the command of Major General Yoel Strick.

The training is a significant aspect of the unit's activities. Exercises involved the application of innovative, multi-armed, multi-dimensional combat techniques. developed within the unit, as well as different branches of the IDF, including the Air Force, Intelligence Division, and the IDF's Cyber Security Unit. As part of training, soldiers used groundbreaking techniques developed in collaboration with different defense industries. These methods and capabilities will be assimilated down the line in within the IDF.

Participants operated various aircraft, including the Valley and First Jet fighter squadrons, the "Magic Touch" fighter helicopter squadron, the 1st UAV squadron, and the Artillery Corps' "Zik" unit.

During a visit by the General Staff Forum, a new technique developed within the unit was employed for storming live targets. The method encompasses fighter jets operated by a control team within a short window of time. Unit preparedness based on high-fire capabilities were also tested. Additional exercises are expected in coming months, with each unit adding operational tools to its existing arsenal.

The new unit is to see action on all fronts and terrain types according to developments in the geopolitical situation and new challenges presented to Israel's security, while serving as a multi-armed maneuvering force, with high combat capability for locating, exposing and destroying an enemy.

The training was pre-planned as part of the 2020 army program.

According to commander of the "Fire Design", commander of the 98th Paratroopers Division, Brigadier General Yaron Finkelman: "During the past year, in-depth work has been carried out in order to ensure that the unit fulfills its purpose. This training is a significant milestone in the unit's preparedness and demonstrates how much progress has been accomplished in the development of innovative combat capabilities and methods alongside a combination of ground, air, intelligence, and online control techniques. We will continue to learn, change, improve and increase the readiness of our ground forces for the next war."

Head of the Helicopters Squadron, Brigadier General Noam Riff said: "The unit combines air crews, UAV operators, and special air force fighters alongside leading squadrons available to the Air Force. Training was attended by numerous officers from the Cooperation Unit (ISP), along with the Squadron pilots and officers part of the multidimensional unit, and displayed the complete gamut of Air Force capabilities in the urban environment, which the IDF is likely to encounter in its next campaign.