Next school year:
18 children per class, combined with remote learning

Health Ministry presents plan for returning to school, with no restrictions up to age 6; grades 1-12 to be taught in groups up to 18.

Mordechai Sones ,


The Health Ministry today is due to present a position paper with the principles according to which the next school year should be conducted in the shadow of the coronavirus, Channel 12 News reported.

The document states that infection among children is generally less, the infection rate among them is low, and they are less contagious.

Therefore, the Ministry recommends opening the school year in dormitories and kindergartens until the age of six as usual, with no need to divide the children into "capsule" groups.

However, students in grades 1-12 will study in groups of up to 18 participants and during the course, remote learning will also be integrated as a regular part of the schedule.

The outline is to be presented by Health Ministry representatives to government ministers with the aim of formulating a joint budget proposal regarding preparations for opening the next school year.

The Health Ministry claims that adherence to these principles is expected to enable regular studies while maintaining public health and reducing the risk of infection.