Senior Likud officials planning rebellion against Netanyahu

The officials say Netanyahu's continued tenure as PM could destroy Likud, whose agenda is being dictated by his personal affairs.

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Hezki Baruch ,

Eitan Alhadaz/TPS

Current and former senior Likud officials, some of whom are current Knesset members, are currently coming together in an effort to bring about the replacement of the party's chairman, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Arutz Sheva has learned.

According to those senior officials, Prime Minister Netanyahu has abandoned the goals of the party and the right-wing agenda, in favor of dealing with his personal affairs, and therefore it is necessary to bring the Likud back to its true path.

The officials mention that despite the green light he received from the US administration, Netanyahu chose not to apply sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, and in addition did not act to change the face of the justice system and did not do the necessary things to create change in the media.

"Netanyahu presented himself as a right-winger and a right-wing leader, but in fact acted to promote left-wing policy," they added.

Members of the emerging group claim that if Netanyahu remains at the helm of the Likud, the party is likely to disintegrate. Therefore, they are addressing two possibilities: ousting Netanyahu or establishing a right-wing movement that will take the Likud's place and adopt its original platform, if Netanyahu does not resign and his ouster does not succeed.

The group claims that the prime minister's main preoccupation these days is his personal survival. "MKs and ministers are busy with the war over Netanyahu and his political survival."

Recall that in the past week, tension within Likud has intensified around the issue of the run for the presidency of World Likud, and the confrontation between Mickey Zohar, Netanyahu's candidate and the leading candidate for the position, and Yaakov Hagoel, an associate of Danny Danon and MK David Bitan.

At the same time, members of Gidon Saar's group in Likud is sharpening its tone against the prime minister's positions, apparently out of an assessment that his political demise is not far away.