The Reform Rabbi who openly supports President Trump

Biden has no new ideas, but Donald Trump has an innovative peace initiative. We should support Israeli decisions, including annexation.Op-ed

(Ref.) Rabbi Alan Sherman ,

Barack Obama and Joe Biden
Barack Obama and Joe Biden

In my interview to Hebrew Union College (HUC) in 1968, I was asked whether I smoked pot. My honest answer was no since I was not curious. The interviewer replied that I would never succeed due to lack of curiosity. I was admitted anyway.

I couldn’t foresee that the priority of the Reform movement was an emphasis on left wing politics over what I saw as liberal Jewish religion. I desired a liberal Jewish education not left wing politics.

Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise created the Reform movement as a liberal Jewish religion founded on Jewish-American values (and not halakha, ed.). Being a peace Democrat during the Civil War he tolerated slavery for the sake of maintaining the Union. Silence was his mantra. In his newspaper the American Israelite, he described black people as “savages.” His bust is displayed with no plans to remove it. The Reform movement maintains a double standard of overlooking its own prejudice while supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. The BLM platform is anti-Semitic, and its demonstrations contain anti-Israel elements. Like Rabbi Wise, Joe Biden has been silent on today’s violence and destruction.

The Democratic Party is not the one you remember and support today. As the Bob Dylan said, “the times they are a changing.” Today the Democratic Party and the liberal Jewish movements have been hijacked
Today the Democratic Party and the liberal Jewish movements have been hijacked by the radical left. Its leaders kneel to its anti-Israel members whose goal is to do weaken Israel and destroy it.
by the radical left. Its leaders kneel to its anti-Israel members whose goal is to do weaken Israel and destroy it. The most recent attempt is to cut off military aid and oppose annexation. Time and again the Palestinians have rejected Israel’s peace initiatives while Democrats and J Street rabbis maintain the fantasy of a two state solution.

Joe Biden has no new ideas, while Donald Trump has put forth a dynamic and innovative peace initiative. President Trump has done so much for Israel and the Jewish people. He has moved our embassy to Jerusalem, declared the Golan Heights for Israel and issued an executive order protecting Jewish college students from anti-Semitism.

During the decades Joe Biden has been in Congress and as vice president, what has he done?

Liberal J Street rabbis feel entitled to dictate United States values to Israel. They pontificate with no risk to either themselves or their families. Their children go to colleges where anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are rampant without knowing how to respond. They return home questioning support for Israel.

While our children are without a care in the world, Israeli parents must send their children to the Army risking their lives at any moment. How they want their country structured is their business not ours. It is their security at stake not ours. If you want to change Israel move there. Our obligation is to support whatever decision the Israelis decide. That includes supporting annexation.

The president’s policies on immigration are also correct. Legal immigration is good as long as immigrants wish to assimilate into American society. This is the immigration story of our parents who came to this country wanting to be Americans and speak our language and obey our laws. Unfortunately, many want to substitute their culture and way of life for ours. Donald Trump understands this. Joe Biden would open our doors to everyone and provide them with free everything. Who do you think will be paying for all this? It will definitely be your tax dollars and probably your social security. Voting for the president will protect these hard earned benefits. It is not an entitlement as Democrats would have you believe.

On a personal note the Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist movements have no manners or derech eretz as our tradition demands. In Leviticus Rabbah 9:3 it states that “Derech Eretz precedes the Torah.” Two years ago they insulted the president by refusing to take his call wishing the Jewish community a happy new year. What chutzpah! Their justification was his remarks about the Charlottesville protests which were taken out of context. The president is owed an apology which was never given which was the reason I resigned from the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR).

I am proud to be the only Reform rabbi openly supporting President Trump. This election is not a mensch of the year contest. Neither candidate qualifies. In comparison there is no question that President Trump comes out ahead. I invite you to join me in supporting him for reelection in November.

Alan Sherman is the executive vice president emeritus of the Palm Beach County Board of Rabbis.

Reposted with writer's permission from the SUN SENTINEL