Poll: Biden leading Trump in Florida

CBS News poll: Former VP leading Trump in Florida and is tied with him in key swing states Arizona and Texas.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is leading US President Donald Trump in Florida, according to a new poll, and is tied with the president in Arizona and Texas, two other key swing states Trump carried in 2016, The Hill reports.

Biden has a 6-point lead over Trump in Florida, based on the CBS News poll released Sunday. The former Vice President has 48 percent support and Trump has 42 percent in the Sunshine State.

In Texas, the candidates are in statistical dead heat, with Trump at 46 percent and Biden at 45 percent.

Trump and Biden both have 46 percent support in Arizona.

The three battleground states are also experiencing surges in coronavirus cases. The poll found that voters most concerned with COVID-19 were more likely to support Biden.

Biden had overwhelming support — 72 percent in Arizona, 67 percent in Florida and 68 percent in Texas — among voters who are "very concerned" about COVID-19, pollsters found.

Biden had the support of only 15 percent of Florida voters who are "not concerned" about COVID-19, and his support was even lower among voters in Arizona and Texas who agreed.

The poll also found that Biden has more support among likely female voters than Trump in each of the three swing states. Biden is also doing better with women than Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did in 2016, CBS said.

Biden has also narrowed the gap among voters aged 65 and older. Trump leads Biden among seniors in Florida by 8 points, at 50 percent support compared with Biden’s 42 percent. CBS exit polls from 2016 found Trump had 57 percent support among seniors in the Florida and Clinton had 40 percent support.