Report: Facebook considering ban on political ads

Facebook reportedly considering imposing a ban on political ads in the days leading up to the US election in November.

Arutz Sheva North America Staff ,


Facebook is considering imposing a ban on political ads on its social network in the days leading up to the US election in November, people familiar with the company’s thinking told Bloomberg on Friday.

The potential ban is still only being discussed and hasn’t yet been finalized, said the people, who asked not to be named talking about internal policies.

A halt on ads could defend against misleading election-related content spreading as people prepare to vote. Still, there are also concerns that an ad blackout could hurt “get out the vote” campaigns, or limit a candidate’s ability to respond widely to breaking news or new information.

This would be a big change for Facebook, which has so far stuck by a policy of not fact-checking ads from politicians or their campaigns. That’s prompted criticism from lawmakers and advocates, who say the policy means ads on the platform could be used to spread lies and misinformation.

Civil rights groups also argue the company doesn’t do enough to remove efforts to limit voter participation, and a recent audit found Facebook failed to enforce its own voter-suppression policies when it comes to posts from US President Donald Trump.

A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment.

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