Two dead in Zemer shooting incident

In Arab local council, paramedics forced to pronounce two dead at the scene after shooting incident.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Scene of the shooting in Zemer
Scene of the shooting in Zemer
United Hatzalah

A Tuesday shooting in the Arab local council of Zemer in central Israel left two dead.

Upon being called to the scene of the shooting, United Hatzalah volunteers and ambulance team performed CPR on two people who had been shot on the town's Marja Street..

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Anuar Kabha, who was one of the ambulance staff at the scene, recalled: "When I arrived at the scene together with the team from the United Hatzalah ambulance, we found two people, one in their 20s and the other in their 60s who were suffering from gunshot wounds."

"We performed CPR on them. At the end of a lengthy resuscitation effort, they were unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene due to the severity of the injuries that they suffered."

On Saturday evening, shots were fired at the home of Orsan Yassin, who serves as mayor in the northern Arab city of Shfar'am. In a Sunday interview on the Kalman Liberman Program, Yassin said: "I sat at home and heard bursts of gunfire. I went down to the car and saw the damage. I never did a bad thing to anyone. I never got a threat."