Haredi girl confronted by police over mask - the full footage

'I was wearing a mask the whole time, I just took it off to drink.' Video footage of Jerusalem girl recently confronted by police released.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Scene from the incident
Scene from the incident
Moishe Liphshitz

A 13-year-old haredi girl who was confronted by police in Jerusalem after they spotted her not wearing a mask while in public says she was caught while briefly removing the mask so she could drink.

In footage of the incident, passersby criticized the officers, noting that the police were not wearing name tags, as is normally required.

“I was wearing a mask the whole time,” the girl explained. “I was having a snow cone, and then I put my mask on.”

Despite her claim, police fined the girl for not wearing her mask in public, while passersby criticized the officers.

“Go to Tel Aviv and give out some fines there,” said one man. “Why are you bothering her? Why are you bothering children?”

Another passerby asked “Where is your name tag?” When the officers refused to respond, the man said “it’s good that you’re embarrassed.”

“She can go home if she wants,” another man said. “They can’t lay a finger on her, she’s not even 15.”

A police spokesperson responded to the incident, which garnered nationwide attention, amid claims the officers had fined her for not wearing a mask in public.

“In contrast to what has been claimed, the police officers went up to the 13.5-year-old girl on the street while she was not wearing a mask – in violation of the rules – but they did not give her any fine at all. The officers requested that she put a mask on her face, and then released her.”

“This is yet another false claim that totally distorts the police campaign officers are carrying out to ensure the public’s safety.”