Police embark on large-scale coronavirus enforcement operation

Due to rise in coronavirus infection rates, police deployed in large numbers to ensure public health.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Police forces have been deployed in large numbers across the country in an operation to enforce coronavirus restrictions, with a focus on crowded venues such as event halls, clubs, and entertainment venues.

The operation will continue throughout the weekend. Violators will face warnings, fines, and the loss of their business licenses.

Acting Police Commissioner Motti Cohen conducted a tour of Lod and Ashdod Thursday, where several neighborhoods have been placed on lockdown due to an increase in coronavirus morbidity. "As time goes on, the national fight against the spread of the virus is becoming more difficult and complex. Not only for us involved in the enforcement efforts, but also for the public, which has had to significantly change their routine and lives with these health concerns and are experiencing not a little amount of hardship and uncertainty," Cohen said.

"Therefore, we must always be attentive to the public's feelings, exercise discretion, and provide assistance to every citizen in need. On the other hand, we must act professionally and with determination against the few who choose to disregard the law and who try to hinder us and disrupt the enforcement we carry out for the sake of public health," the acting commissioner added.