John Bolton: A second Trump term would be dangerous for Israel

Former NSA John Bolton warns that a second term for Trump would be dangerous for Israel. "He wants to meet with senior Iranian leaders."

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

John Bolton
John Bolton
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

For US National Security Advisor John Bolton warned that President Trump’s reelection could imperil Israel.

Speaking with Israel’s Channel 13 in an interview which is set to be aired Thursday night, Bolton said he fears that if President Trump is reelected this November, it could create a ‘risk’ for Israel.

Specifically, Bolton claimed that Trump is “eager” to open negotiations with Iran and could offer sanctions relief, something which would pose a “a danger”.

So you think there might be a risk to Israel [if Trump is reelected]?

“Yes, because I think that the president’s policies could shift. I lay out in the book how eager he was to have a meeting with the Iranian leadership, whether Rouhani or Khameni. Are the Iranians prepared to talk to get relief from the economic sanctions, to buy time so they can continue their nuclear program? Sure, they’re willing to do that.”

“Just as Kim Jong-Un played Trump along in the Korea context, I worry that in a second term, the Iranians might be able to do the same with Trump. That to me is a danger.”

Trump fired Bolton last September, 17 months after he tapped Bolton for the position.

Following his dismissal from the Trump administration, Bolton penned the 592-page book, The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir.

In the book, Bolton repeated derides Trump, painting him as an erratic, “foolish” and ‘irrational’ Commander in Chief.