Elections? Decision to be made in coming weeks

Sources close to Prime Minister: 'If elections aren't decided in near future, they won't happen at all.'

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Netanyahu (R), Gantz
Netanyahu (R), Gantz
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Sources close to the Prime Minister believe if there are no elections now, using the upcoming state budget as a departure point to leave him a transitional prime minister without automatically transferring power to Gantz, there will be no elections at all, writes journalist Matti Tuchfeld in Israel Hayom.

"That the economic situation is only going to get worse; what they see now, when the State still gives unemployment benefits and self-help, is just the tip of the iceberg for the huge catastrophe that will be revealed later; in a few months, the economic blow will also manifest itself at the polling station; So if you're going to have an election, then it's better as soon as possible. Anyone who met with Netanyahu this week testified to seeing a very uneasy and disturbed man."

"It seems the internalization of the magnitude of the mistake he made in establishing the current government seems to be weighing on him, impairing his ability to function, taking the wind out of his sails. There has never been a government so paralyzed, so detached, and so delusional, like the current government."

Netanyahu has insisted that the squabbling in the government does not indicate intention to go to elections, but in the same breath he makes it clear that the coming weeks will be critical regarding elections.