Decline in coronavirus infections, fewer serious COVID-19 cases

Infection rate declines Sunday, following recent spike in new confirmed cases. Number of seriously ill patients falls to 39.

David Rosenberg ,

Treating the coronavirus
Treating the coronavirus

The number of new confirmed cases of the coronavirus declined Sunday, following a recent spike both in the daily infection rate and the percentage of tests which returned positive.

According to data released by the Israeli Health Ministry Sunday evening, the number of new confirmed cases of the coronavirus fell to 398 Saturday, with 183 new cases confirmed as of Sunday evening.

That’s below the 504 new confirmed cases recorded on Thursday – the highest number in a single day since April.

That decline is due in part to the smaller number of tests conducted, dropping from 19,832 last Tuesday and 18,457 last Thursday, to 10,489 on Saturday and 5,516 thus far on Sunday.

But Sunday’s data also marks a decrease in the percentage of tests which showed infections, with 3.3% of test results thus far Sunday returning positive, compared to 3.8% of test results on Saturday.

Israel’s Health Ministry also recorded a decline in the number of serious cases of the coronavirus, which fell from 45 Saturday to 39 Sunday evening. The number of patients in moderate condition, however, rose from 50 to 60.

Twenty-two patients are now on respirators, down from 24 on Saturday.

In total, 23,639 confirmed cases of the coronavirus have been recorded in Israel, of which, 6,265 are currently active.

Of those, 211 patients are currently hospitalized. Three-hundred-and-eighteen people have died from the virus, while 17,056 people have recovered.