Number of active carriers of coronavirus in Israel: 6,160

Since midnight last night, 40 more have been diagnosed. 45 are in serious condition, 24 on respiration. 219 are hospitalized.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Coronavirus test
Coronavirus test

23,497 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in Israel since the beginning of the outbreak, according to Health Ministry data released this morning, Sunday, updated at 10:18 am.

Of these, 17,019 have already recovered from the virus, 318 have died as a result of the disease and 6,160 people are defined as active carriers as of this morning.

Of the active patients, 219 people are hospitalized, while the other 5,941 patients are at home or in Corona Hotels.

Of the hospitalized patients, the condition of 45 is defined as serious, and 24 of these are on respiration. The condition of 50 additional patients is moderate.

Coronavirus testing fell during the weekend - yesterday there were only 10,493 tests in Israel.