Corona Cabinet to discuss tightening of coronavirus restrictions

Health Ministry expected to recommend prohibition on gatherings of more than 50 and preparedness for further restrictions in the future.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Corona Cabinet
Corona Cabinet
Haim Zach, GPO

The Corona Cabinet will convene this morning, Sunday, to examine possibilities for tightening restrictions in light of increased coronavirus infections rates.

The Ministry of Health is expected to present a series of recommendations including prohibiting gatherings of more than 50 people in one place. According to a report in Israel Hayom, officials in the Ministry of Health are also prepared for even tighter restrictions if the infection rate doesn't change, with prohibitions on gatherings of over 10 people.

The Ministry of Health also reports that other measures are being considered such as "capsules" in summer school programs, banning summer camps, calling on employers to move workers to work from home and limiting the number of visitors at the beach.

Prof. Itamar Grotto, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health, said this morning on Galei Tzahal that "There is also an increase in the severe cases of mortality. However, he said, "currently a general shutdown is out of the question, many steps can be taken to prevent it."