Terrorist who murdered Amit Ben Yigal indicted

Indictment filed in Samaria military court against terrorist for murder of soldier Amit Ben Yigal during operations in village of Yabad.

Yehonatan Gottlieb ,

Amit Ben Yigal
Amit Ben Yigal
IDF Spokesperson

The terrorist who murdered soldier Amit Ben Yigal, Nazmi Abu Bakr, burst into tears at the courthouse on Thursday while the indictment against him was read, and shouted at the judges.

"I didn't murder anyone on purpose. That's not true, I didn't do that. Who wrote this? I told everything to the Shabak investigators - how did they write such a thing?"

The prosecution sought to extend Abu Bakr's arrest until the end of the proceedings. The indictment, it said, is essentially based on the defendant's confession.

According to the indictment, Abu Bakr was in his apartment and, toward morning, saw soldiers walking near his residence. He ascended to the roof of the building and threw a block weighing between 9 and 11 kg., which hit Ben Yigal in the face.

In addition, Abu Bakr is accused of obstruction of justice. After the act, he went into his home to his children's bed and pretended to be asleep.

Baruch Ben Yigal, Amit's father, said at the beginning of the hearing: "The feeling is hard, I have not slept all night. I have full confidence in the Military Prosecutor. I hope the terrorist who destroyed Amit's world and ours will pay - the punishment for this needs to be a life sentence. May he rot in prison until his dying day."