Yossi Dagan: 'This is how you apply sovereignty'

Dagan on Miri Regev decision to widen road connecting center to Jordan Valley via Samaria: 'Historical decision that will change map.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Dagan, Regev view maps
Dagan, Regev view maps
Roi Hadi

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan today welcomed Transport Minister Miri Regev's decision announced during a tour with him in Samaria to widen the road connecting the country's center to the Jordan Valley via Samaria and turn it into two lanes each way.

According to the decision published on Channel 13 News, the road will become a significant thoroughfare crossing the State of Israel from the Mediterranean to Jordan.

Dagan noted, "This project that the Minister chose is a flag project, an historic project that will change the map of the State of Israel, not only for Judea and Samaria, but for all residents of the State of Israel, and incidentally for the Arab public in Judea and Samaria. After 72 years that the State has existed and 53 years since this region was liberated, Samaria becomes the center of the country not only geographically but also for transport."

He said, "We have a common mission: To bring a million citizens of the State of Israel to Judea and Samaria; the historic decision by the Minister will change the map, bring a million citizens here, and make it a flourishing tourist spot and the center of the country. I praise Minister Regev on this historic step, and the other tremendous things she does. This is undoubtedly a correction of one of the greatest civil wrongs."

The tour was held today with Minister Miri Regev, Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan, and Samaria Regional Council and Transport Ministry professionals. The central meeting on Samaria transport infrastructure was held at Gilead Farm.