Operation to return Israelis from Panama commences

El Al aircraft 'Jerusalem of Gold' will fly for first time in history by direct flight from Panama to Israel and return Israelis home.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Operation underway
Operation underway
Israeli Embassy, Panama

More than 200 Israelis will return to their country from Central America on Thursday, as part of a complex rescue operation from countries under aviation closure.

The El Al aircraft "Jerusalem of Gold" will fly for the first time in history by direct flight from Panama to Israel and return the Israelis home. Many of the returnees have been abroad for three months or more.

The flight is organized by the Chug Haamakim Association headed by Yoel Marshak and El Al. Israeli embassies in Panama, Costa Rica, and Colombia are coordinating the arrival of Israelis on special flights that will bring passengers from Costa Rica and Colombia to Panama and from there all will board a flight departing the country on the Dreamliner 787 at 15:00.

The three countries in Central and South America are under closure and their airports only allow humanitarian flights.

Israel's three embassies coordinated the various flights and personal transit permits for each passenger from their airport of departure and their departure from Panama.

Israel's ambassador to Panama Dr. Rada Mansour said: "The Foreign Ministry has been operating since the beginning of the pandemic to allow everyone in Israel to come home. This is a very complex and difficult operation, but we will continue to work so that no Israeli is left behind."